What the music industry pros say

we do.

We market, sponsor and invest

in the music industry.

1. Development & Production capital

LIVEig, LLC is a Private Equity firm actively investing in all aspects of music production: new artist development, touring, one-offs, music festivals as well as marketing, ticket sales, sponsorships, endorsements or new media technologies, providing artist development capital to new artists, and providing production capital to highly successful and well proven artists, performers, agents, promoters, producers or financiers in the live music space.

2. New Media marketing expertise.

We invest in projects where we are able to leverage our team’s new media & experiential marketing expertise. The goal is to connect artists and brands with the fans through live experiences that encourage a strong engagement and interaction with those brands before, during and after those live events, creating deeper relationships between the artists, the fans and the brands.

3. Sponsorship
& endorsement

We team up with the artists, promoters and producers to create and present sponsorship or endorsement opportunities to major brands that are constantly looking for new ways to form stronger bonds with their audiences. The amount of money being spent on sponsorships in the live music space has grown rapidly.



We ONLY invest in the most popular and renowned artists in the world.

We contribute with ideas and marketing strategies to accomplish a total sell out.

Selling out a live music performance is the goal of every artist and producer, we leverage all of our marketing expertise to create and execute new media marketing strategies that are needed to accomplish a complete SOLD OUT in every single event we invest in.

New media technologies create engagement between the artists, the fans and the sponsoring brands.

In the last decade, the internet has dramatically changed in the way the artists interact with their fans. We leverage all the new social media and mobile channels to help the artists create a strong connection between them, their fans and their sponsoring brands.

We invest in live music events that help music fans connect with the brands they love.

The sponsoring brands play a big role in producing a successful and profitable music event, and we only invest in events that create that strong connection and total engagement between the brands, the artists and the fans, as it is clear that fans do welcome the brands they love in their live music experience.

ROI, our goal is to provide a timely and profitable return on every live music event that we invest in.

As a Private Equity Management firm we utilize a dynamic investment approach with uncommon transparency, whether we invest in a one-off concert or a whole tour, we always utilize a conservative investment strategy in every project we participate in.
Transparency is the key.


By utilizing new media technologies we engage with the fans,
before, during and after the live events.

The impact of technology in the music industry